Community and Sponsorship - Smithfield Tavern, Smithfield, QLD 4878

We strive to be at the heart of our local community by providing a place for friends to meet, for families to relax and to host local functions and events.


We are the unofficial ‘clubhouse’ for a number of local sporting teams - a place to re-convene after matches, sell raffle tickets, celebrate victories and commiserate losses.

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We Proudly Support

State Emergency Service

State Emergency Service

  • The State Emergency Service is a National organisation of volunteers - 'Ordinary people doing extraordinary things'.

    The Queensland SES consists of thousands of 'unpaid' volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and professions who respond to emergencies and disasters across the State, 24/7.

    They are trained and equipped to help their communities across a range of functions, and their primary purpose is to assist the most vulnerable members of the community.

    The SES is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster. The basic concept is one of self-help and mutual assistance within each community.

    Queensland SES volunteers receive world class training providing them with real life skills which are used during emergencies, and knowledge that stays with them throughout their life.

    SES volunteers work together with a great group of like–minded people. They train and respond to emergencies together, and the experiences they share lay the foundations for life-long friendships.

    The Queensland SES has a role for people with a broad range of talents and expertise. A level of physical fitness is needed especially when involved in rescues, responding to natural disasters and performing other critical roles. Roles of administration, communications, stores and welfare do not necessarily require levels of fitness however are dependent on the existing membership of the SES Group.

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Please contact us direct if you want to organise a booking within the next 2 days
Please contact us direct if you want to organise a function within the next 2 days
Please contact us direct if you want to organise a booking within the next 2 days